I am a Full Stack Developer, Designer and AWS Engineer with over 15 years experience, specialising in web front-end and back-end technologies. Initially trained in audio visual technology I began working for numerous London agencies including Spring Interactive where I developed intranet sites for BP and Natwest. Later I took on the role of website co-ordinator for Hoseasons holidays where I managed development team.

Since Hoseasons I been working as a consult and freelance developer. I have undertaken a variety of websites and web applications ranging from start-ups to worldwide NGO’s and I have extended my range of work to include mircroservices, API's and AWS engineering.

I am passionate about Javascript, microservices, serverless architecture and making the web faster.

Notable freelance and consulting work...


The end to end design, build and deployment of a small SAAS application for managing client reputation and reviews online. The role included application design and full stack development using Node, Meteor JS, Vue JS and Mongodb. The application was deployed on AWS and included full Stripe subscription integration.


I have undertaken the development of 3 applications for the GFTN (WWF), the Online Sourcing Guide, a Risk Assessment Tool and a Cost Estimator Tool all related the responsible sourcing of timber. The first application was a custom CMS and front end web application and the second two risk and cost configurators. All were built using HTML, Javascript, PHP and MYSQL.


Ongoing design and development work on the Tnooz travel technology website, a high traffic Wordpress blog. I oversaw the build of new iterations of the site, introducing UI/UX improvements and new functionality and using HTML, Javascript, PHP and MYSQL. My role also included the deployment and maintenance of the Media Temple and AWS hosting and performance optimisation.

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